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Miscellaneous Procedures Charge

Code No. Procedure Charges(inr)
mis-001 Alpha bed 500
mis-002 Guest room-large 500
mis-003 Guest room-small 400
mis-004 Wifi charges (per day) 200
mis-005 Extra room occupied 1,200
mis-006 Discharge Summary lamination Charges 200
mis-007 Medical certificate 200
mis-008 Fitness Certificate 200
mis-009 Video CD 400
mis-010 Registration Renewal fee 100
mis-011 Duplicate Endoscopy Report charges 200
mis-012 Video printing 300
mis-013 Standby doctor charges 6,000
mis-014 Duplicate attendant pass charges 100
mis-015 Hair cutting 100
mis-016 Shaving 100
mis-017 Fibrinolysis (urokinase) 1,800
mis-018 Bladder irrigation 1,200
mis-019 Evaluation of diabetic autonomic neuropathy 4,200
mis-020 Bone marrow aspiration 2,700
mis-021 Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy 3,600
mis-022 Intraoperative cardiac monitory 6,200
mis-023 Nerve conduction study two limbs 5,000
mis-024 Parathyroid scan 7,200
mis-025 Doppler left arm 3,600
mis-026 F.N.A.C 2,400
mis-027 Percutaneous tracheostomy 6,000
mis-028 Ingrowing toenail 5,000
mis-029 Epidural catheterisation 5,000
mis-030 Sleep Study (Polysomnography)+Room charges extra 10,800
mis-031 Steam Inhalation 200